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I was introduced to Andrea and her blog by a blogging friend of mine. I have loved reading about her family, passion for travel and food and gardening.  I love that she has been a teacher and also loved Maine and its lobster and blueberries so much that she got married there. (She makes a beautiful bride, no?) And you just have to love someone that reads books about food like other people do novels, you know? There is a reason this woman is on Babble’s 50 Top Food Bloggers in 2010! Hi! I’m Andrea Meyers, wife and mother to three young boys, avid cook, photographer, gardener, and traveler.

My father’s job moved our family around quite a bit. We lived in nine houses and I attended eight different schools while growing up. It was hard to start over every time we moved, and I promised myself that I would never move around like that once I was an adult. I wanted to stay put in one place and not uproot my life so much.

I went off to college and studied music education, then left the United States to teach in U.S. schools in Saipan, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. The irony of this kind of moving around is not lost on me. I not only moved, that thing I said I would never do again, I moved across oceans far, far away from my family. My life was pretty portable at the time, and after the first move across the world the ones that followed didn’t feel so dramatic. During those years I traveled to many different countries, explored the cities, towns, and remote places and sampled local foods. I finally embraced my wandering soul.

Returning to the U.S. years later felt like I was coming back home, but it also felt like I was starting somewhere new again. I pursued a different track in my education career and moved a couple more times.

And I met Michael.

We shared the love of gardening, travel, good food, and swapping stories. We married and started our family a couple years later, and then started moving for his job.

Four homes and three children later, we’ve decided this is one is it, our forever home. So instead of the small temporary gardens that we knew we’d have to leave in two or three years, we’re now turning the backyard of our ¼-acre suburban lot into an edible landscape with fruit and nut trees and bushes, and all kinds of vegetables and herbs. The travel bug is still there and many days I dream of places I haven’t been. I know those trips will come, and I love that we now have a permanent home to come back to.

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