What is Amuse-Bouche?
An Amuse-Bouche is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre that is selected by the chef and served before a meal to excite the taste buds. It both prepares the guest for the meal and offers a glimpse into the chef’s approach to cooking. We selected Amuse-Bouche as the blog name for the Where Women Cook blog to offer people a ‘perfect taste’ of what is in each edition of our beautiful magazine. (Which you should go out and buy!) The perfect start to a wonderful meal.
How does Amuse-Bouche differ from the magazine?
We’ve structured the publishing plan for Amuse-Bouche to be a compliment of each edition of Where Women Cook. Every week (depending on the number of women in each magazine) we will provide additional information about the lives, careers and tastes of the women in the pages of our magazine. Of course, there is always a certain amount of flexibility needed when blogging but an ideal week will contain an introduction to the featured artist, a recipe, food photography, a favorite tip or tool and something about the location where they reside like a favorite local dish or a restaurant they own or frequent. (It totally gets you in the mood to find out more about them in our amazing magazine. Which you should totally go out and buy!)
Is this a food blog?
Yes and no. We will be featuring the wonderful women who grace the pages of Where Women Cook (which you should run out and buy RIGHT NOW!!!) and also other food bloggers in our community, we will have a regular weekly recipe and food photography, but this is not a traditional “food blog”.
Do you ever feature anyone that has not been in Where Women Cook on Amuse-Bouche?
Yes. We have set aside open days in our publishing plan (“Pot luck” days as we like to refer to them around these parts) to do things like featuring food bloggers, chefs and bakers that catch our eye, upcoming events and the occasional giveaway. The desire to build a community is a large reason why we are here and we can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you! And also, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found some of our features gracing the pages of the magazine in the future! (So, you know, go buy the magazine!)
Do you take solicitations for ideas/features for Where Women Cook?
No, we do not accept unsolicited submissions for Where Women Cook, (that totally great magazine that you really want to subscribe to) however, we keep our ears close to the ground and listen to who and what you all are talking about, so we are paying attention.
I didn’t get my magazine, there is a problem with my magazine, I have a customer service question regarding the magazine…can you answer them?
No, we cannot, but never fear! We can direct you where you CAN go to get the answers to your questions. You need to contact the lovely people at Stampington & Co. They are the publishers of Where Women Cook and have all the information regarding subscriptions, ads, and questions you might have about the distribution and/or issues with your particular order! (And while you’re on the phone you should totally buy another magazine!)

Call: (949) 380 – 7318
(877) 782 – 6737 toll free)
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
Fax: (949) 380 – 9355
E-Mail: retail@stampington.com

Reading these questions, I am starting to get the feeling you might want us to go purchase the magazine?
Duh. ;)