Photography with Kari Haskell

I asked Kari Haskell what her secret for great photographs is.  Her answer might surprise you!

All the cupcake pictures on our website  are taken by me and my REGULAR, OLD, digital camera. How do they look so fabulous? Well, it’s the black background and NATURAL light.

I use my black, PLEATHER couch at Retro that literally sits next to a window. When the sun is streaming in (usually around noon), I take my perfectly frosted cupcakes (yes, some look more photogenic than others), and I put them in the middle of the couch cushins. I use no flash. I use the “small image” button on my camera. I zoom in so the cupcake fills the view-finder, and I CLICK the picture.

THAT’S it.

Natural light is always better for everything. In fact, I used to take pictures of my children (when they were babies) the same way using white bed linens for the background (held up by pillows). As long as the background is a solid, complimenting color, you’re all good.

Now, go find some natural light!

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