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When you live with a chronic illness, as Kathy Petersen does, you learn to modify your diet and lifestyle.  Kathy’s tip is perfect for those who have learned, or are learning to change they way they eat so they can feel better.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, something that sounds much worse than it is. Meniere’s is an imbalance in the fluid in your ears and can make you dizzy and affect your balance as well as your hearing. Sodium plays a big role in Meniere’s and as part of my treatment my doctor told me I could either take a water pill every day or drastically limit my sodium intake. I would much rather change my diet than rely on a pill, so I chose to limit my sodium. However, this was a very big adjustment, especially for someone who loves to cook and eat as much as I do.

I set out to find ways to season my food without any sodium. A great tip for using less sodium is flavored vinegars and oils. Balsamic vinegar replaces soy sauce beautifully, even in marinades. Some of my favorites are Don Carlos olive oil and basil olive oil from Vom Fass in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or in their online store. If you can find a specialty store that samples different oils and vinegars, then “bon appetite,” I am sure you won’t be disappointed and will find some delicious new oils and vinegars to buy!

Another one of my favorites for no salt seasoning is Kirkland brand, “no salt seasoning,” from Costco. It has almost every seasoning imaginable in it, except salt and it is delicious on everything. It has replaced many spice jars in all three of my homes!

 Thanks so much for these great no-salt tips Kathy!  What great ideas for cutting out unnecessary sodium from our lives!

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