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Infusing Sugar

I love making vanilla sugar when I use vanilla beans in a recipe but I’ve learned something new from Andrea today. Lavender sugar? Who knew?

Along with our homemade vanilla extract, vanilla and citrus zest finds its way into many of our baked goods, and I like to deepen the flavors with infused sugars. They are easy to make, add a nice crunch to the tops of muffins and cookies, and make cake glazes even more flavorful.

I store vanilla beans in canning jars filled with sugar and use the vanilla sugar for making gelato and other sweets.

To make lemon, orange, or lime sugar, mix sugar with fresh zest. In addition to infusing baked goods, citrus sugars make delicious rimmers for cocktails.
To make lavender sugar, just add a tablespoon of dried lavender buds to a cup of sugar and stir. This is a delicious addition to a cup of hot mint tea.

Infused sugars will keep for months in canning jars or other airtight containers.

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