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Where Women Cook: Celebrate! Sandy Coughlin

Sandy Coughlin is a wife and mom of three teenagers, and is the voice behind Reluctant Entertainer, a hospitality blog dedicated to helping people in search of a lifestyle that says, “I can do this!”. Her book, The Reluctant Entertainer, is in bookstores now or found on Amazon.

From Sandy:

Here on the pages of Celebrate! Where Women Cook, Jo Packham brings women together to celebrate dinners, parties, celebrations, people … and most importantly togetherness. She’s created a beautiful book of memories bound together with love and inspiration for those embarking on new traditions, entertaining adventures, with fabulous new recipes. I’m humbled and honored to be amongst some of the greatest food bloggers, chefs, and authors, and to know Jo personally. She’s a very giving woman who cares about others. For Jo, Celebrate! is all about the people …”

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