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“Where Little Women Cook”: Ivy Anderson

We have a segment in Where Women Cook that features little 5-year-old Ivy Anderson. On most mornings, Ivy puts on a tiara and princess dress and makes cinnamon toast for her family for breakfast. While I LOVE every feature in the magazine, little Ivy just stole my heart and I have been SO excited for her feature this week. It’s too cute for words. I just want to put her in my purse and take her home with me! (Although, I think her mom, Paige, MIGHT object to that a little bit!) Isn’t she darling?!

Hi! I’m Ivy!

I’m five, which means I was lucky enough to be born into a generation that will grow up embracing two wonderful philosophies about cooking and food.

The first is that nothing beats local and, when possible, homegrown. My passion about this goes way back. Here’s a shot of me digging potatoes for dinner when we visited friends on Shelter Island, NY, a couple of years ago (another philosophy I embraced early on: A pink tutu is suitable for almost any task). And there’s me on the same trip, helping pull in the oysters being cultivated just offshore.

I live in Asheville, NC, an artistic little oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains that thrives on art, craft, music, and—fortunately for us foodies—a rich farming heritage that has exploded in the last few years. We don’t have to look any farther than one of the dozens of local farmers’ markets for everything from sorghum and cheese to tempeh, mushrooms, sticky buns, and kombucha.

The second philosophy my generation has seen in action since day one is that preparing and sharing food is one of the best DIY crafts ever! What a blast (and how yummy) to grow up during a time when so many people everywhere are making their own cheese, tending their own beehives, preserving their own pickles, grilling pizzas in their own wood-fired ovens, and so much more.

Which leads me to my final philosophy for today: Almost everything looks and tastes better once it’s topped with pink sprinkles – don’t you agree?

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