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Welcome to Amuse Bouche! (Featured bio: Loralee Choate)

Welcome to Amuse Bouche, the official blog of Where Women Cook magazine!

My name is Loralee.

This is me:

(I’m really much more excited to be here than I look.)

You can read more about me on the oh-so-appropriately-named About Me page.

I’m thrilled to not only be an employee of Where Women Create and Where Women Cook (and Jo Packham), but to also be the creative force behind this beautiful blog.

Which I’ll tell you a little about.

We named it Amuse Bouche because of its meaning- it is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre that is selected by the chef and served before a meal to excite the taste buds. It both to prepares the guest for the meal and offers a glimpse into the chef’s approach to cooking. We hope to have this blog be exactly what the title describes-a perfect taste of our beautiful magazine.

Each week we will feature one of the women in our magazine and provide you with tidbits about the lives, careers, food, recipes, photography and locations of these amazing artists–content not found in the pages of Where Women Cook.

We’ve structured the publishing plan to be a compliment of each edition of the magazine. It’s why our archives are organized by quarter instead of by month. There is always a certain amount of flexibility needed when blogging, but an ideal week will contain an introduction to the weekly featured artist, a tip and tool, recipe, photography and something about the location they reside in like a restaurant they own or frequent or a dish they like to prepare.

We want to keep it a light, enjoyable and quick read because honestly, we’d rather you be out reading our magazine! :) (This will undoubtedly be the longest post you will find on Amuse Bouche.)

We are also big on community here at Amuse Bouche and will be featuring foodies and bloggers we have our eye on that are not currently featured in Where Women Cook.

Right now we’re considering Amuse Bouche to be in “beta”, meaning we want to run it for a few weeks before we start featuring the women in our magazine and before the magazine launches to make sure we have all the kinks worked out.

We’re pleased to announce that the first featured artist on Amuse Bouche is also on the cover of our inaugural issue, Ree Drummond. (“The Pioneer Woman”). Ree’s featured week on Amuse Bouche will start Monday, December 6th.  She’ll be with us at Chelsea Market in NYC for the launch party and a book/magazine signing on December 10th, so if you are in the area, we’d love you to drop by!

Until then you will see me, our editor-in-chief, columnists for the magazine, people who design the layouts, people from our sister publication, Where Women Create, people from our publisher, Stampington and many others. We thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the worker bees behind the scenes at Where Women Cook. So, until the first week of December (We launch on Dec. 1st! Put it on your calendar and place your order!), you will get to see a glimpse into the tastes, tips, and lives of the people who work so hard to bring you this lovely publication.

Hope you enjoy!

Loralee Choate

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