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On The Front Burner with Terry Walters

Our newest edition of Where Women Cook hit the stands this last Friday, December 1.  Each of the artists featured in the magazine are truly inspiring.  On the front cover of this issue is Terry Walters.  We know as you read about Terry this week you too will feel the draw of clean eating.  Please help me welcome Terry Walters to the front burner!

I’ve always been passionate about eating clean, but I never imagined that someday I’d write cookbooks! I spent so many years as a health food nut, fielding that inevitable question, “You eat what?” Quinoa wasn’t exactly on everyone’s shopping lists, and kale was something you were more likely to find planted next to the mums for decoration, not served with your dinner!

When my children were little, teaching cooking classes was my connection to like-minded adults and an opportunity for me to share my passion. Every class would fill my kitchen with the incredible energy of my students and the entire evening nourished my soul. I started a small health counseling business for those who wanted more information than my classes could afford. And I was fulfilled.

I tried on many hats along the way, all inspired by requests from students, friends and family. I dabbled in catering, spent a summer delivering preordered prepared foods, and will never forget the personal chef gig I had making vats of sautéed greens and seaweed salad every week! But these ventures couldn’t match the reward of seeing someone taste kale for the first time and unexpectedly love it, or the honor of empowering someone to take charge of their health and end up discovering a quality of life they no longer thought possible.

Today, I have two cookbooks, CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START, and there are more on the way! I write my Eat Clean Live Well blog and also write for a number of print and online publications. I facilitate a worldwide community through Facebook and Twitter of people all interested in sustainable good health for themselves and their environment. I speak all over the country offering educational and inspirational wellness programs and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

I draw inspiration from being a wife, a mother of two incredible daughters, a runner, a skier and so much more. I love my trips to the farm, walking through greenhouses of greens and herbs, and meandering through farmers markets. But connection with others is what nourishes me the most.

I believe that we can change the way we nourish ourselves as individuals and as a nation, empowered with knowledge and tools, one healthy choice at a time. The more I get to share this passion with you, the more the journey itself becomes as nourishing as reaching the goal.

Eat clean live well!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter your pie recipe by Dec. 15th for the chance to win a chapter in our upcoming cookbook and $1,000 for the best submission!

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