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On The Front Burner with Shea Fragoso & Debbie Murray

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cook in a space that is created just for you?  Somewhere with high ceilings, custom cabinets and a balcony that overlooks the kitchen?

In 2006, Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso took on a seemingly insurmountable task.  They began the renovation of a 90 year old Gothic Cathedral in Dallas, and turned it into a home.

A Gilded Life is the Mother-Daughter design team of Debbie and Shea who have been creatively collaborating for as long as they can remember.  In 2009 the renovation of the church was completed and their home was born.

Debbie and Shea love European design and are constantly inspired by architecture and light.  One look at A Gilded Life and you will be inspired to greatness also.

Not only do they throw a fabulous dinner party, but are now focusing their attention on hosting art events and retreats as well as maintaining their 3rd floor art studio.

As a Mother-Daughter team, family is very important to them.  It is not unusual to find Shea’s two small children running underfoot and licking the batters while helping Mom and Grandma make cookies, cupcakes and many other goodies.

Debbie and Shea know that the heart of the home is the kitchen, and they certainly have shown that thinking with their beautiful kitchen.

We are so thrilled to feature Debbie Murray and Shea Farogoso in the Autumn issue of Where Women Cook.  For more about this great Mother Daughter duo, get your copy today!




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