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How to serve water beautifully.

Maryam has an amazing sense of style and everything she touches is transformed into something beautiful, even a glass of water.

When we have guests over at Peacock Pavilions during warm spring and Summer days in Marrakesh, I think it’s so pretty to put out a platter of waters for everyone to help themselves to.  It’s a refreshing addition to whatever else we might be serving.  Now, water isn’t terribly exciting but it’s so easy to dress it up to make it look pretty and inviting, and it’s so simple too!

Start with a clear glass carafes.  Then in each one, put in a different herb, vegetable or fruit.  Here I’ve put in a fresh mint from our organic herb garden at Peacock Pavilions, but a bundle from your supermarket will do, too! In the two others I’ve put thinly sliced cucumber and fresh orange slices.  Don’t mix the ingredients in any one carafe — they look best  when their delicious goodness can be admired each on its own.  Pour water over the top, and voila!  {And your guests will just think you are so fancy;-)}

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