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A Taste of Foodily

Have you discovered Foodily?  If not, we are happy to be the first to introduce you to one of Jo Packham and Where Women Cook‘s newest and favorite recipe resources. 

Why is Foodily different?  It’s like sharing the world’s largest recipe box with all of your friends.  You can find, share, and make lists of recipes for all of your network to enjoy.   Plus, who else do you trust more than your friends to recommend that next fabulous recipe to try?  You can see what your Foodily friends love and feel safe in serving that at your next lunch, dinner, or party.

We are even more thrilled to announce that Where Women Cook’s own Jo Packham is one of Foodily’s newest Tastemakers

We all know that Jo has amazing taste in… well EVERYTHING.  You will be able to spend hours browsing through some of the recommendations that Jo and Where Women Cook make on Foodily.  Not to mention make lists, organize, and share some of your favorite recipes.

We can’t wait to see you on Foodily!

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