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Featured bio: Ree Drummond “The Pioneer Woman”

This week on Amuse Bouche, we are thrilled to feature the beautiful women that graces the cover of the 1st issue of our much-loved publicationRee Drummond is someone who hardly needs an introduction, she is so widely loved. (And she is just how you think she is going to be: funny, smart, lovely and gracious.) We hope those that already love Ree will love getting to know her a bit better both here and in the magazine. And for those who haven’t had the pleasure, we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to ‘meet’ her.

Hi, there. I’m Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman.

I was so honored to be invited by Jo Packham to be a part of the inaugural issue of Where Women Cook, and had so much fun working with her on both the photo shoot and accompanying article. Where Women Cook is such a unique and special publication; if you’ve ever flipped through the sewing/crafting counterpart, Where Women Create, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Jo thrives on highlighting women’s passions, whether they involve needle and thread, fabric design, or putting food on the table for our families. Her energy is infectious, and it pours fourth from the pages of everything she publishes. I love her.

Passion is a powerful thing. It brings energy to our days, gives us a reason to get out of bed, and churns deep emotions within us.

Here’s what I’m passionate about, in no particular order.

Cooking. Now would be a good time for me to confess to Jo and anyone who’s ever appeared in Where Women Create that I do not sew. I do not embroider. I’m not big on crafting. The reason for this is probably that I can’t eat any of those things. No, my passion in terms of creating as always been cooking. I love the planning, the prepping, the tweaking…and, of course, the eating. Where Women Cook is definitely more my turf!

My children. I wanted one. I wound up with four. I can’t imagine life without any of them. They each inhabit a section of my heart.

Photography. I discovered photography a few years ago, and I can’t imagine getting through one day without snapping at least a photo or two. My camera is permanently attached to my hand, and is caked with flour and egg yolk.

My husband. No marriage is perfect, and we go through the same ebbs and flows as any married couple. But my heart still races when he walks into the room, and I still want to have a hundred more of his babies. I love that I still feel that way about him.

Blogging. I’m calling blogging a passion, because nothing else could explain my commitment to doing something daily for five years. I’ve published a cookbook and have appeared on TV a few times. But blogging is really my medium. I love the daily, stream-of-consciousness approach to writing and taking photos. I like the events of the day to determine my content. I love that I can do it from home. And when it’s all said and done and I hang up my blogging shingle, I’ll have this great family scrapbook, complete with full-color photographs and audio clips of my imitating Ethel Merman.

(And probably a few things that will one day make me cover my face and shake my head.)

(But I’ll worry about that tomorrow.)

Tomorrow: My food passions!

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