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Featured bio: Christen Olivarez

“When in doubt, hang something pretty on the wall. It changes everything. “

“Growing up I was the pickiest eater. My diet consisted of hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and if my parents were lucky, corn. If I saw vegetables anywhere near my plate, I’d refuse to eat. My parents tried and tried, but I wouldn’t cave. I remember on one night, they put some Lima beans on my plate and wouldn’t let me leave until I tried them. My sleepy four-year-old self figured out how to fill my mouth with juice, pop in a bean, and swallow it whole. How creative!

That same creative spirit led me to where I am today. As Director of Publishing for Stampington & Company, I oversee the production of our 30 art and crafting titles, and manage four of my own. For an artist and a crafter like me, it’s absolute heaven to work in an office surrounded by the beautiful results of such creativity.

These days I’m actually quite the adventurous eater. Though I still can’t touch a leaf of lettuce, I’ve grown to love most vegetables. This transformation came about as I began learning more about fresh, local food. I realized after my first bite of freshly picked zucchini that vegetables are best when grown yourself, or purchased locally.

I wish I could say I’m a prolific cook. My boyfriend does all the cooking in our house; I do the baking. Each Sunday, he prepares a time-consuming, delicious dinner, and occasionally he lets me chop vegetables or peel potatoes. I’m happy with our arrangement, though, because it leaves me more time to knit. And since I’m such a slow knitter, the more time I have, the better.”

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