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Cindy Joffe

The Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013) issue of Where Women Cook Magazine is filled with all the tasty delights you have come to expect and featuring some of the most talented people in the culinary world. We are offering you a glimpse inside the pages of our current issue (on newsstands December 1st. It will leave you wanting more than just a taste; you’ll want the entire meal. We invite you to come to the table and meet Cindy Joffe.

inside our latest issue: cindy joffe

Cindy Joffe

“To say that Cindy Joffe comes from a tight-knit family is an understatement.  While practicing trademark law, Cindy decided to make a change and partnered up with her mother to launch their jewelry business, Avindy, designing and handcrafting artisan jewelry and selling to galleries, boutiques, and catalogs all over the world.  At the center of her family’s close relationship is food — a family spearheaded by her grandmothers, two women who knew the art of cooking and entertaining…” (quoted from Cindy’s article in Where Women Cook Magazine)

cindy joffe from Avindy

Image Credit- Dana Waldon Photography

Read more about Cindy Joffe in the Winter issue (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013) of Where Women Cook Magazine.  Click here to subscribe or purchase Where Women Cook Magazine.


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