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A Taste of the 1950s

The Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013) issue of Where Women Cook Magazine features some of the most talented people in the culinary world. We are offering you a look inside the pages of our current issue that hit newsstands December 1st. It will leave you wanting more than just a taste; you’ll want the entire meal. Join us at the table to meet Suzy Eaton and Deb Clawson as they transport us to the 1950s. 

A Taste of the 1950's

Suzy Eaton and Deb Clawson

“Suzy Eaton is a food stylist who believes that food can be beautiful as well as tasty.  She applies this philosophy to everything from the dishes she makes to the décor of her kitchen to the get-togethers she has with friends. When Suzy and her good friend, Deb Clawson, met up recently, they decided to do it in style—1950′s style to be exact. These two passionate cooks applied their talents and enthusiasm to a 1950s-theme photo shoot, an era they both see as the epitome of home-cooked meals, elegance, and excellence in the kitchen.” (Quoted from Suzy’s feature in Where Women Cook Magazine.)

A Taste of the 1950's Where Women Cook

Image Credits: Doug Havens


Read more about Suzy Eaton  in the Winter issue (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013) of Where Women Cook Magazine.  Click here to subscribe or purchase Where Women Cook Magazine.

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