Sunday Brunch: Katy M. Carter of “Thought for food”

Welcome back to another week of Sunday Brunch, that time of the week where we shine a little Internet love on a food blogger that has caught our eye. At the end of the quarter, our Editor-in-Chief, Jo Packham, will be selecting one of these lovely women featured here weekly to be in an upcoming issue of Where Women Cook.

“I am a self-taught home cook; living proof that spending the first twenty years of life living on boxed macaroni and cheese doesn’t oblige you to an entire life of the same.” -Katy

Today’s featured blogger is Katy from the blog “Thought for Food”.

Me, in the place I can usually be found. A kitchen full of dirty dishes.

“My full name is Katy Marquez Carter, and I am a graphic-designer-turned-food-obsessed-mom. I love food, and love to talk about food. Since I also tend to be one of those people who needs an “outlet for creativity,” and since I quit my day job, I figured documenting my obsession in a public forum seemed like a great way to pass the time. Between bon-bons and all.”

There are several things that drew me into Katy’s blog. She was recommended by a friend (always a good sign), she focuses on healthy consumption and also cooks with the challenges of things like Vegan baking and allergies in her family and she writes thoughful things and posts about food and her way of looking at and utlizing food, which is really appealing to the writer-like side me. She talks about things like budgeting to feel our families and feed them well, and why she thinks eggs are wonderful, 10 reasons to make your own mayo, and I LOVE that she has an entire category called “Disasters” because really, not only is it endearing but what would be without failures? Some of our greatest learning moments and eventual successes are wrought in the fire of disaster!

She makes a lot of cool and interesting things. The kind that, even though there is a high likelihood that someone like me might not ACTUALLY get around to making them, her writing and photography will MAKE me WANT to at least THINK about getting around to making them for my family.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

High Protein Wheat Sandwich Bread (I love the sneaky use of adding soybeans to her bread dough to get more protein. I don’t get enough protein in my diet and am ADDICTED to bread so this is actually a trick I would love to use.)

Curried Lentils (I’m having a new love affair with lentils after eating platefuls of them at an amazing organic restaurant in NYC during the launch of Where Women Cook. Adding curry just adds to the heat of my love for this humble little legume!)


Lemon Curd (OH, how I adore lemon curd. I cannot get enough of it on freshly baked scones with clotted cream. NOM!)


Pickled Beets (I want to just kiss her for this post and recipe. I adore pickled things and the beet gets a bad rap way too much of the time.)

Squash and Turnip Gratin (I LOVE that this is a healthy dish that is also a freezer meal. SO handy!)

squash gratin

Dairy-Free, Soy-free, Vegan Dried Fruit Scones (I know a lot of vegans and I can’t think of anything more complex than Vegan baking. The process is fascinating and daunting!)


Chocolate Dipped Macaroons (And these simply make me want to devour a tray or four in one sitting.)


Interesting stuff, no?

Do you cook/bake like Katy?  Are you health conscious in your approach to food or do you believe butter is the supreme high ruler? Or are you a little of both?

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