On the front burner with Angela Reed of “Parisienne Farmgirl”.

We are thrilled to have Issue 3 of Where Women Cook out on the shelves! We kick off another delightful quarter here on Amuse Bouche with a feature week on our cover, Angela Reed of “Parisienne Farmgirl!

What a thrill to see my sweet daughter (and myself) on the cover of Where Women Cook this summer!  I am just as thrilled to be contributing to Amuse Bouche this week.  Writing this bio is daunting… but here goes…

I live with my babe husband, three small children and our eight chickens in the country ‘burbs of Chicago.  It get’s a little crazy sometimes as I call my children “My Chickens” and my chickens “The City Chicks” or “The Hens Austen” as each is named after a Jane Austen character.  Thankfully there is no village ordinance against children! We will be welcoming our fourth child this September.   It get’s crazy enough around here keeping The City Chicks on the low down!

Living in the particular suburb we do is perfect for us right now.  We are close enough to the culture of the city to get our fix when we need it and even closer to the cornfields for Saturday afternoon drives to admire the farms we covet.  Since living in Paris is not an option at all then I dream of living on a farm with scads of land to roam and grow on.

I find much of the world disheartenly “ugly” and so, as best I can I am carving out a world where I can survive with my family at my side.  I imagine many creative people can identify with this.  Praise God I am married to a man who lets me live out this desire in my home and garden!  He may not be creative but he “gets it”.

I have no formal training per se of anything really.  Unless you count years of voice lessons.  (I do love to sing and also dream of being in a real country/bluegrass band or a pop-symphony type band like Pink Martini!  In my 20’s I was a Patsy Cline impersonator!!!  I still can’t believe I did that!)  With the love all things creative but without the aforementioned training sometimes I wonder if I am more ornery than actually creative.  Seeing something that jars my creative side I end up thinking, “I could do THAT!” It is this probably feisty attitude that has helped me learn how to sew, garden, re-design furniture, take photographs and of course, cook over the last 16 years that I have been married.

Would that I could, I would cook and create in the kitchen all day long.  Of course, if this fantasy came true there would be a clean up fairy following me around.  Motherhood is my top priority and so there are not as many hours as I would like for creating and concocting.  I did, this past year develop my own French macaron recipe and technique and I do hope to put that in book form soon.  (In the meantime I have sworn to my blog readers that I will finish the other book projects I am working on; most importantly  “Thirty Days in Paris”.  My journals from my month of solitude before motherhood.)

My website ParisienneFarmgirl.com is my best outlet right now for writing and sharing creative rushes.  My mind spills with a variety of dreams from designing a true, rustic French Farmhouse to basking on the beaches of St. Martin.   In the meantime I love to tackle each day, I love to ask,  “How can I best serve God and my family today?”  Life right now is mainly about gardens, menus and babies.  Who knows where else it will lead!


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