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Jane Gyulavary

The Summer 2013 (June/July/Aug) issue of Where Women Cook Magazine features some of the hottest people in the culinary world. We are offering you a look inside the pages of our current issue that hit newsstands June 1st. There are plenty of recipes and stories to inspire you in the kitchen this season.  Inside our latest issue you will find the scrumptious world of Jane Gyulavary.

jane gyulavary

Jane Gyulavary

“Growing up in an Italian household ensured that Jane Gyulavary would develop a love for cooking and a gift for making delicious food.  She even credits her cooking for helping her to win the heart of her late husband, Peter, who was in the palm of her hands after tasting her pasta.  Jane believes that food is one of the most important things in life, bringing people together in a special way, and allowing us to experience wonderful flavors and the warmth of family and good friends.” (Quoted from Jane’s article in Where Women Cook Magazine.)

jane gyulavary in where women cook magazine

Learn more about Jane Gyulavary in the Summer 2013 (June/July/Aug) issue of Where Women Cook Magazine.  Click here to subscribe or purchase Where Women Cook Magazine.

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