Call for ideas: The Creative Connection Keynote Speakers!

As many of you know, our Editor-in-Chief, Jo Packham, holds an annual conference in September in Minnesota.

The Creative Connection is a 3-day extraveganza that is focused on bringing women that are passionate and/or entrepreneurs in handcraft arts, food and social media together. (Go and browse around the site and check it out! We are really excited about our new partnership with BlogHer, an AMAZING online community for women.) (I love BlogHer. Just so you know. :) )

We have been busy, busy, BUSY compiling and putting together all the panels and events and keynotes. (I really hope you attend. Your SOCKS will be knocked off with how unbelievable it all is.)

We were so honored to have amazing keynotes last year like Ree Drummond and Mary Jane Butters (and more). There are many things to consider when we put together our panels and keynotes and at this point, Jo would like to hear from YOU about who YOU would like to see up on the stage! If you could choose the Keynote Speaker for The Creative Connection Event, who would be your choice in the following categories:




Your selections do NOT have to be Internet people. It can be anyone from anywhere! You don’t have to be planning on attending to give your feedback and we would really love to hear from you!


Who are your picks, peeps?

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